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Leverage your data like never before

What Wins Can Fan Data Insights Make Possible For Your Team?


Consolidate and aggregate all your donor and fan-related data

Fan Data Insights aggregates your data from several sources to complete a full picture of each of your donors and fans. From there, our advanced analytics are accessible through a set of easy-to-use dashboards for anyone on your team - development officers, athletic directors, ticket sales and operations - even coaches and administrative staff who engage with your donors!


Get the full picture of every fan

View a comprehensive profile of every person in your database - whether they are a long-time donor or just purchased their first ticket last week.  Through Fan Data Insights, you can access donor history, wealth and capacity scores, ticket sales and transfers, retail purchases, email engagement rates, as well as custom information from your CRM system such as alumni and graduation status and other university giving.  It's all there in one place saving you valuable research time!


Understand trends for better decisions and timing

Compare your team’s performance to last year, and track that performance against your fundraising goals to know where you are at any time.  Review year-over-year trends to ensure that you are adjusting your marketing message and approach for maximum impact. Fan Data Insights transforms data into actionable insights.


Spend time building relationships, not researching

Fundraisers and ticket operations staff should spend time on talking to donors and fans to increase revenue - stop wasting time with managing spreadsheets to manually collect and aggregate data, and let Fan Data Insights guide your staff to new opportunities.

Leverage your existing cloud investment and own your data

Built on Microsoft Office 365, Power BI and Azure, Fan Data Insights lets you integrate, collaborate, and analyze using your existing investment in Microsoft Teams, Excel and other Office 365 products.   

Host your data in your universities cloud environment, and take secure control of your data, while providing open access to your staff.

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