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Modernize, Optimize, and Monetize your Data

Information to find new donors, increase revenue, and make strategic decisions.

Let your data take your revenue generation to the next level

Fan Data Insights lets you mine your own data to more effectively target your donors and fans, increasing fundraising and ticket revenue.

Find new revenue

Your fan base is full of potential and underperforming donors - Fan Data Insights directs your fundraisers to the right people at the right time.

Focus on engaging, not researching

Staff time should be spent building relationships and engaging with the right donors to drive great outcomes, and not in front of a screen for hours on end.

Make informed decisions

Utilize insight into trends and patterns of donor giving and fan engagement, to determine where to invest your valuable resources.

All your data in one place

Stop exporting to spreadsheets and merging data manually - Fan Data Insights aggregates data seamlessly from numerous platforms to provide a complete picture of each fan.

Innovative insights to change the way you interact with your donors and fans.

Your data is scattered all over different systems - your ticketing system, donation management system, CRM, retail, or just sitting in spreadsheets.  Identifying the right people for new fundraising is at best, time-consuming, at worst impossible.  

Fan Data Insights can change your view of your donor and fan base by giving you new and innovative insights, and will change how you think about who your team should be engaging.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Fundraising?

Connect with us to schedule a demonstration and see how your team can find new donors and fans.

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